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In the valley, keep walking

Posted by pinkiv on October 7, 2010 at 4:08 AM

David said, yea though "I" walk through the valley of the shadow of death "I" will fear no evil, for thou art with me, even though he was alone and in a tough spot, going through and forsaken by his brothers and father, he was NOT alone. GOD was with him, goodness and mercy overshadowed him.



Ps. 23~ Have you ever been in a valley, a dark place, a place where it seems family is laughing at and mocking you, friends have walked off and left you, and still you have to answer God, because afterall, you made the declaration that HE is your Shepherd and when you are in a place of need, still there is no want. When you become weary, worn, weak and tired, HE provides rest and you don't miss a beat. He sends comfort to you, as He did for Job so even when it looks like one thing, you are comforted in knowing that it is something better up ahead, you just gotta "KEEP WALKING" through the valley, unafraid, unaccompanied, untouched.



Who is to say that God has brought you here to this valley for such a time as this. Everything you go through, every step you take, HE monitors and HE holds the Soverign reign. God is able to make Grace abound when it looks like judgment is about to win. God is able to awaken the sleeping giant inside of you to the Power of the Potential, the Promise and Purpose, the Prophetic Prophesy of your very being.


Yeah, you may be in a valley, surrounded by death and darkness and sounds that go boo in the night, but keep walking through the valley, don't fear the evil nor the taunting of the enemy. God has GOT yo' BACK. When you sit down at the banquet table, fear not, fret not, faint not at the presence of your enemies, just eat and enjoy the OVERFLOW from the Shepherds cup.


Be blessed~

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