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Scream, Scream, SCREAM!

Posted by pinkiv on July 10, 2008 at 1:04 PM Comments comments (0)
Storms and floods in the natural and in the spirit realm. Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis! The pains of pressure! How do you stand when the pressure is causing you to buckle to the point of being broken? John 16:16-24 says that your pain will turn to rejoicing. As soon as you are delivered, you will not remember what you went through, your sorrow shall turn to joy. Don?t get lost in the storm, the Son will shine and give you peace, IN the storm.

Pray, pray, pray for the enemy that comes to you for their gain and selfish unfair advantages, you know who it is, that comes dressed in sheep clothing. Fret not yourself for the evil doer; they will soon be cut off. Fret not over the one who seems to be on top of the world, running things and living large, for they will soon see what you see, feel what you feel. You just pray for them. Their spirit of control and manipulation God has given YOU the power to break, so break it.

So many times throughout time, I'd promise to come back, every time the night turned to day, that was Me. Every time you took another breath, that was Me. Whenever you got down and out and couldn't see your way, then suddenly you were back on your feet, that was Me. When you lost your job, your car, your home, your loved ones, and then you got it all back, that was Me. I am a God of peace, but I am also a God of war. I create good and evil, famine and abundance. So when the pressure has backed you into a corner or beat you into the ground look up and just say My name. Whatever you need, it's in my name. Restoration, healing, deliverance, peace, love, contentment, strength, power, anointing, a new day, it's all in My name. My name is so powerful in Heaven, don't even have to talk to Me, talk to My Father in heaven, and just mention My name and He'll do it for you.

Broken, but I'm not destroyed

Posted by pinkiv on July 9, 2008 at 2:33 PM Comments comments (1)

Broken, but I?m not destroyed

I have been in such a battle, a warfare, the fight of my life and that for my children, that there has been days I couldn?t even pray, I haven?t studied any scripture, I couldn?t for the wounds, the pain, the scars.  I had been lied to, lied on, cheated, mistreated, talked about, straight up done wrong, used and abused.  Found out that can?t no body break you down like another child of God, you never thought you needed to be on guard in the house of God, in your house, among your own sisters and brothers.  But often times, our enemy is in the house, dancing, singing and shouting, and soon as the music stop, they go right back to where they left off: lying, cheating, hurting, manipulating, deceiving...they may have broken you, but you were not destroyed.  You can say that it made you stronger, wiser, and better.  They taught you well how the enemy operates when he is close to you.  His assignment is to kill, steal and to destroy you.  But there comes a time when you must fight back, not taking matters physically into your own hands, but getting on your knees in your battle position and engaging in warfare.


You know you are a target for destruction when you are in the middle of a trial and you can?t put your pain into words, you find yourself travailing in tears all the time.  You might be broken, but who, exactly, is doing the breaking?  God or satan?  God will break you down, cause you are a rebel, you stubborn, hardheaded and won?t obey.  I had to learn this lesson the hard painful way, because I just wouldn?t listen and let go!  There is a pressure in the body of Christ, there is also a need to rise up in the body of Christ.


Because you belong to Him, think about all He allowed you to escape time to stop acting like a car skidding out of control on an icy road and let the word change you.  Traps, snake pits, lion dens, haters clubs?got through it all.  The users, losers and abusers, but this last test...just you thinking you?re defeated, deserted, depressed, delirious...but realize now, satan ain?t running nothing but his mouth.  Rebuke him, plead the blood of Jesus cause you are accepted In the Beloved.


Broken, Bitten, Better

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Can you say with me, I have not quit yet,

I am still standing after all the hell I been through, what you put me through and what I'm still dealing with.

I've been ostracized, criticized, rejected,   wanted to give up, but I'm still in the fight, still holding on.

How do you bounce back, I am glad you asked?

How do you defy satan's forces?  By saying to the devil--I'm still here, still standing, still smiling, bleeding, but here.

Wounded, hurting, bruised, alone, but still here, still alive, still fighting the good fight of faith.

Pressed on all sides, but standing.

This little spot of trouble done confused some folk, because I was suppose to capitulate or capsize, I was knocked down, but Jesus picked me up, you put me out, but He brought me back in. 

Talked about, lied on, cheated, mistreated, but I survived.

Broken, bitten, better

Take it all back

Posted by pinkiv on July 2, 2008 at 3:02 PM Comments comments (0)

I?m taking it back!  Matt. 11:12

You have got to get up, make a move and make your life work.  Sitting around waiting for someone else to make your dreams a reality then you will always be dreaming.  Don?t let the devil ride in your wagon, in your car or even on the bus with you.  Just like Rosa Parks, even in her refusal to get up,  made a stand not to take it anymore!  Sistah said, enough is enough, I?m tired and I?m not moving, I?m standing my ground and my situation is about to change.  So sit or stand, just don?t give up, cave in or quit.  Refuse to give the devil what he wants, you may be the next one to create a revolution in the world.


You have more anointing than what you realize, you just have to do like Peter and get out of the boat of comfort and control and step out on the unstable waters of faith and walk.  Even if you have to walk alone, do it.  No one else followed Peter, because he like you, are in a class all by yourself, that?s why you?re so different and people just think you are crazy.  You?re not crazy, just different, you?re special and unique.  God can only use you to do what you do, now DO IT!  And be glad about it.  Jesus is standing there take a stand.

Don't get tripped by the manipulator

Posted by pinkiv on June 28, 2008 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (0)
The enemy has the unwitty audacity to think that just because you, a Child Of God, have taken a fall, that you are destined to stay there.  His bet is that you will not rise, but the book says differently.  You will rise from the fall, you will recover what was lost, you will dust the ashes off of your garment and give God a praise for His grace.  All that we go through is for His glory from our life.  The enemy is out to cause us to fall, and become stagnant in that we will not pursue our prophetic divine destiny simply because we fail or we have fallen, but he never considered the simple fact that we get back up, get back in the race and get on with our Prophetic Journey that God has called us to.  He don't want you to continue in the things of God, simply because you fell in sin, and now he's trying to  put the spirit of guilt and condenmation on your back, but I am here to tell you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  Shake off the hater, the manipulator.  The devil can't control you if you keep your mind on the Lord.  He wants you to walk, talk, live, move and breath in defeatism, but God has called His chosen children to be conquorers, overcomers and winners!  Take a peek into the last chapter of the book and you will see just that, we win!  The hater, the manipulator is not out to annilate you, he is out to kill your relationship with God, so that he can control you for eternity, but anyone in the hand of God, no man (trick, scheme, plot, hater, heifer, or manipulator) can pluck you out of His hand. Don't get tripped by the manipulator.  You can not be condemmed if you continue to walk after the spirit.  Romans 8:1
Be blessed and stay encouraged.  Stay focused and in tune with the Spirit of God.

Embracing your destiny

Posted by pinkiv on June 24, 2008 at 4:17 PM Comments comments (0)
Although Destiny has been predestined since the foundations of the world for you, it still depends on your decisions.  Because you can be called and on your way to your destiny and never achieve it.  Moses was headed to Canaan, even seen it with his eyes, but couldn't lay hold of it.  All because of his actions.
From Adam and Eve to John on the isle of Patmos, people have been called to fulfill thier own destiny as it is today, even Rahab the harlot had a destiny, she is listed in the lineup leading to the birth of Jesus.  We all have a destiny.  Mary Magdalene, even with a messed up mind, the girl was crazy, but she had a call of destiny, she walked with Jesus and we claim to be in our right mind and can't follow Him two feet.  The two prostitutes and the dead baby, Ishmael and Isaac, Paul and Silas, Hagar and Sarah, Hosea and Gomer the whore and the prophet.  They,  just like we today, all have to embrace our own destiny and the promise that God made to you concerning your life.
Ishmael had a purpose and a destiny, just because we're not exceptional, does not mean we're not valuable or significant.  Hagar had no choice in Sarai's demands.  But she did have a choice in whether she would allow the treatment to make her better or bitter.  Ishmael was born into a family of chaos and confusion.  Be careful about making a temporary decision that could have a permanent consequence.  If you don't walk in the spirit and in truth, you could pay the consequences.  God has a purpose, even in rejection.  Hagar was rejection by Sarai and Abraham...
have you ever been rejected by someone you thought had your back? 
I am learning the long hard lesson that your rejection is God's protection and direction.   You just have to see yourself as God sees you.  Hagar couldn't see what God saw.  She just saw her dire situation, and assumed it was the end.  She saw the man who could not, would not commit, she saw a child she was left alone to care for with no means at her disposal, but one thing she failed to see, and that is that God saw the same thing she saw.  There was destiny tied to the boy, so neither Hagar nor Ishmael could die, it wasn't time.  You will not die in the struggle, you may want to, you may feel as if you are, but, girl, you will live, you will go on, you will rejoice, you will get your ebouyant smile back!
Sometimes your destiny is tied to mess, God brings a miracle out of the mess that you created with your life and let's you continue the journey in pursuit of your destiny.  When you realize that you have a destiny that awaits you, you are no longer powerless and pitiful, so cry if you must, just keep walking, and know that your tears have a purpose and a number in which only the Father knows.
Destiny!  Jesus' destiny was to be born to die for me.  Sarai was destined to be the mother of the nations with Abraham, not Hagar, that wasn't her destiny.  You can't pass your call onto someone else neither can you fill in for another's call to destiny.
David was destined to be King of Israel even while he was tending to sheep in the back of the field, Esther was destined to be the Queen that would deliver the Jews not Vashti.  Hulda was a prophetess who's destiny was to change a nation. (2 Kings 22).
Jesus said, "Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say?  Father save me from this hour?  But for this purpose I came to this hour.  Father, glorify your name. John 12:27.  Even, Jesus, had a destiny and he chose to lay down his life and to die for His sheep.
You are the woman, the daughter that God has chosen to prosper, chosen for this journey, this destiny. You can, you must, you will reach your destiny.
We cannot judge one's destiny based on their current destination, because where I am is not where I end.
Women of God can embrace their Destiny and run into it, because the blood of Jesus covers you, strengthens you, encourages you, keeps you, corrects you, blesses you, encourages you.  The blood of Jesus enlivens you.  So stay under the blood and embrace your destiny.
Three nuggets to hold onto while embracing your destiny:
*Abandon your past.
*Accept your present
*Anticipate your future.

I am a Survivor

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I am a Survivor!
Some storms come to test you, some come to overthrow you, but all are to make you.  Storms are not always natural.   Joseph was in a storm (for 12 years).  He was successful, significant and He was a survivor!  Genesis 39:1-  Leah was a survivor, she was successful and yes, she was significant.  When all the odds seemed to be against her, God heard and saw her.  You are a survivor, successful, and significant!  In spite of what they say.
Are you struggling in or surviving life's devastation, destruction and disaster?  Are you still successful even when the bottom falls out and you want to file bankruptcy, because you are significant, and if it matters to you, it matters to Him.  Divorced, Deserted, Rejected, Abandoned, Barrenness, Pink Slip, evil reports from the doctor, abortion, miscarriage, still birth, repossession, foreclosure, drugs, alcohol, falsely accused, prison, lawsuits- STORMS!  HURICAINES, EUROCLYDONS, TSUNAMIS!  TROUBLES!  Pain in your body, trouble in your mind, a fight in and for your mind, trauma, drama, stress - STORMS!  But you can say, I am a Survivor, I am Significant, I am Successful.
Wo-Men Of Power Purpose Anointing
The storms come to shake up and wake up the children of God.  Those that are complacent and complaining.  Those that have sat down, shut up and stepped back.
Storms of destruction, waves of fears, but the peace of God lingers near.  Storms of devastation.  Some lost nothing, some lost a little, some lost all.
God's grace and His mercy says to you today, you've survived, you're a success, you're significant. You are important to me.  You're secure in knowing that "a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. Psalms 91:7
Pit to the palace, to prison, to Prime minister, to a seat next to Pharoah. God saw it all. Psalms 46:1 Says that He is a very present help in the time of trouble.  Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God is pure; he is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.  See  Joshua 1
Only those who are survivors, successful and significant have a divine date with Destiny!  But what do you do as you prepare for your date? What do you do while you wait for the date of destiny?  How do you spend the in between time, in the meantime?
You are a survivor, yet you have trauma & drama. You're suppose to be full of joy but pain is breaking you down.  We all go through struggles, but successful, survivors, significant people don't get lost in the struggle.
                                   God wants you to win!
                                     God wants you to survive!
                                             God wants you to be successful!
                                                         God wants you to know you're significant
Hadassah (Esther) was a Survivor, a Success, Significant.  She went through an extreme makeover to win the heart of the king, in an attempt to save her people.  She was no princess in the beginning, just a little peasant girl, a displaced orphan, who had no money to throw on lavish things to catch the eye of the king, her beauty glowed from within.  Still she became the Queen. Who's to  say that you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?  A time to survive, a time to get success (victory), a time of significance, timing is important, timing is everything.
Three secrets Esther knew that we need to know:
1.  Nothing exempts you to responding to the call of the King.
2.  When it looks hopeless, you still have hope.
3.  A God given opportunity, when received is a priviledge.
You have to be willing to die to survive!
You have to be willing to die to succeed!
You have to be willing to die to have significance
Hadassah went through a physical change and a spiritual change.  She got what she got because of the way she thought,  she starting thinking like the kings wife, and she became the kings wife.  She knew that God was Soverign and that He loved the Jews.  Significant, successful survivors changes the law.  (9:29)

There is so much significance in you and in your calling, your ministry, your destiny.  That even when you are overtaken in a fault, God still recovers you and covers you under the shadow of His wings.  So come from under the covers, you made it and you are important to the body of Christ.
Then start living life on a new level.

What shall become of your dreams?

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What is a dream?  What is the difference between a dream, a vision, a fantasy?  A dream is a series of images, idesa, emotions and sensations occuring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.  Divinely revealed event aspiring manifestation.  Fantasy is an unrestrained fancy. Vision is an unusual competence in discernment or perception of intellegent forsight.

Who were some of the dreamers of old?  Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, Joseph (NT), Abimelech, Jacob, Laban, the butler, the baker, Pharaoh, a midianite, Solomon, the wise men, Pilate's wife, Peter, Paul and John, just to name a few, all times of people, male and female are dreamers.  What won't let you go to sleep?  What do you wake up just to see you in your face, saying have you forgot about me?  God makes Himself known and speaks to His prophets in dreams, Numbers 12:6, He will appear in a dream, 1 Kings 3:5.

God is the only one who can bring a dream to pass, not mama, not daddy, not the lottery.  It is because God is the author dreams, if you are having wild, weird, scary dreams, it might be the pizza or the chicken you ate before going to bed.  You can't tell your dream to everyone, some people are dream killers, they lack the vision and the faith to see what you see or believe what you believe.  Don't be quick to let one hand know what's in the other.  Remember Joseph and his brothers, they left him for dead, all because of a dream revealed before it's needed time. 

What do your dreams mean?

God is telling you to fear not, because He is with you.  Matthew 1:20.  He will answer you in a dream.  He will warn you of imminent danger, Matthew 2:12.  He will instruct you in matters concerning you, Matthew 2:13.  He will give you directions concerning a matter.  He will also warn you of enemies that are out to destroy you. Matthew 2:19, 22-23.

Are your dreams giving you an added increase of knowledge and skill in learning, wisdom and understanding?  It did for Daniel. 1:17.  Finally, my beloved, the closer you get to your dream, you are going to have to narrow your circle of friends.  If they don't understand it, and you can't explain it,  how will they believe and stand with you in it?

About to cry

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I?m favored, not forgotten

Ru 1:19  So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this Naomi?   20 And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. {Naomi: that is, Pleasant} {Mara: that is, Bitter}  21 I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty: why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me?  

 It doesn?t matter what just happened in your life, what you lost, who you lost or even how you may feel as if the hand of God has dealt bitterly with you, the only one thing you need to know outside of beginning again (isn?t is awesomely amazing how God can wipe the slate and let us start something over, and He does it time after time, after time, after time), but the most important thing my friend is that you need to know you are not forgotten, you are favored.  At times God has to allow some harsh circumstances in and out your life, to move something or someone that you won?t let go of, that it takes the hand of God to make it disappear.  I know you?re hurting and can?t stop crying and you might even be angry at God, fist in the air, clenched teeth, you know how we do it, but there is a word for the pain: He won?t put no more on you than you can bear.  He is the Father and He knows what?s best for you.  We spend so much time trying to please family, friends and the people at work that God is just sitting waiting on some of your devoted time being directed to Him, at Him and on Him.  We have the tendacy to get consumed with what is dead and gone.  I am not talking about the death of your loved one, no, my friend, I am talking about the dead man (woman) walking.  God allowed that friendship/relationship to die, she wasn?t your friend anyway.  Sometimes people hang with you, because of your anointing, your favor and your destiny.  They are ?fascinated? as to what God is doing in and through you.  So like Naomi and Job, for all that you lost if you just hold on and stick with God, you?ll get it all back, you will be restored with something/someone   b-e-t-t-e-r!  When you have the favor of God you will find God blessing you on purpose through people you don?t even know.  God knows what you went through, what you?re going through and what you will go through.  God has already spoken to someone to bless you on purpose, with handfuls.  We always telling people to pick your head up, but if God is going to leave gleanings behind, you going to have to look down or you?ll pass it by.   He knows the struggle that you are in, it is only a transition to a better life.  The caterpillar had to struggle in the cocoon, so that the next time we saw her she was able to fly high.  The one thing we don?t know about her is, what really happened inside the cocoon, in her changing.  I?m sure she was crying, I?m sure she was screaming, I would go as far to say she struggled, but she made it, no one to help, no one to encourage or shout her out of her ordeal, but the very fact she earned her wings and now flies is an indication of favor, how much more favor shall the Father give to you, His Princess, His Prince, His priceless ones, when no one can hear your screams, see your tears or see your struggle, God does, it?s just a matter of giving a praise from the fruit of your lips to get your wings.  In a cocoon? God hasn?t forgotten, your favored!  Now take up your wings and fly in the the butterfly.

Repost that blessed me again

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Women and Men are being raised to new levels of visibility and responsibility.  Ones who will be unified, dedicated and obedient followers of The unseen God.
The valley of Achor, a door of hope. Hosea 2:14-15,23
Jesus Christ, The King, eternal, immortal, invisible, the Only Wise God.
When you too wounded to fly, God will carry you.  Deut. 32:10-11
The Lord is good to all that hope in him. Lam. 3:22-25
Hope is an anchor. Heb. 6:19-20
I am bigger and better than what I am going through.  I am stronger than this test, because it is when I am weak that I am strong.  I am wiser, because I have the wisdom of God, I hear His voice and I obey, even when He has to rebuke me and tell me that I am wrong.
Winners are ex-losers who just got mad.
What I know for sure: there is hope in hopelessness.
Rescue, Recover, Restore, Revive