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About the Prophetess

Pinki, Prophetess Veronica Moore is the visionary of the Alabaster Box Ministry, which falls under the covering of Kingdom Builders.  

Minister, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, DivaPreneur, Aspiring Author, Prophetess, Apostle, Retreat, Luncheons, Women's Conferences and Workshop speaker. A Quiet Storm. A Woman that is relentless, driven by Purpose and Faith, a Woman of God.

A ministry that teaches, trains and equips the body of Christ for Success and Victory in every area of your life. She is mother, minister, mentor, motivator. Filled with the Holy Ghost and fire in 1989 while stationed in Mannheim Germany in the Army. Pinki has had the privilege of teaching and ministering while in the South West Asia area of Kuwait. She has ministered across the continental US. Operating in the gifts of healing, faith, deliverance, prophesy, knowledge, intercessory prayer and interpretation of dreams when God gives the unction. It was after realizing the depths of His love for me, in spite of what I had done, is when I found myself crying at His feet. I had truly become broken for the first time and no longer ashamed of the past because the Master had eradicated it. Free from secrets, shame and scandal. Broke the box of religion, doctrines and rules made by man. God had taken me to a new level in worship.

Visionary of several conferences, workshops and retreats, which includes: FRESH FIRE ANOINTING FELLOWSHIP.  Gathering those that are Kingdom builders and going forth in the manifestation of that which God has committed to us to accomplish. We are looking for Kingdom builders to advance the Kingdom of God to gather the Remnant (John 6:12-14). Are you Kingdom building or Kingdom Blocking? Are you ready to experience the next move of God with a Fresh Fire Anointing? God spoke to me and said I have taken you from the sheepcote, from following to leading, and if I were to walk in disobedience He would raise up another that would obey. Speaking of the Sensitivity of the Shepherd, in a shepherd cares for and tends to the flock of God, because they have a heart of compassion, concern and commitment. God said it is TIME to walk in the office I called you in, and to be sensitve to MY sheep. He said it is time to multiply while serving, buidling, edifying and equipping the body of Christ. To make disciples and to send leaders out that will impact the nations. God said it is going to take you being committed to global impact. He spoke and reminded me of the Abrahamic blessing, and for me to stretch my border and enlarge my territory, for it is time for increase. I have called you by name, I have called you as a brand plucked out of the fire, and to walk worthy of the call wherewith I have called you with. He said before I formed you, I knew you. God said I have sheep that is not of this fold, I will commission you to gather them in, and all that come to ME, I will in no wise cast out. God commanded me to gather the remnant, choose 12 start there and build My Kingdom. God has called for one to come to the forefront to Encourage, Edify and Build up the body of Christ, to feed His sheep and to tend to the flock. We look forward to your Joining us in The Fresh Fire Anointing Fellowship, starting Tuesdays in August stepping into a new level. ~ Stepping out in faith, to the truth of the Word, "to whom much is given, much is required" Those living outside of the Houston area, are encouraged to join in the ministry as partners. More info coming forthright. Let's start building~ We are the Remnant God has called to invoke Kingdom Building in these last days as we prepare for the coming of the King.

On a mandate to Break the Silence to One Million believers concerning the abuse they have suffered. To expose, shatter and bring healing to those in the house of God, suffering silently from Abuse within the House of God.

Pinkiís VISION is of seeking and saving that which is lost no matter what the cost for the ministry of Jesus Christ. To minister hope and healing to a hurting and dying world. To preach and teach the Word of God with clarity and simplicity. To administer the word unadulterated, uncompromising, truthfully in its rhema format. Pinkiís GOAL is to minister salvation, hope, healing and deliverance to everyone.  Pinkiís PURPOSE is to present myself as a live sacrifice to the betterment of those that have been cast down, cast aside, thrown away, boxed in, left out, beaten and abused by life.

Favorite quotes: Be Positive!* Be Powerful! *Be Prayerful! *Be Purposeful! *Be Progressive!

Veronica "Pinki" Moore* To invite Pinki for a speaking engagement please email me at or call: 641-715-3900 ext 11037  Reprints of material is authorized provided you copy the web link of writer.

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Behind My Alabaster Box (my personal testimony)

Three times now the Spirit began to move strongly within my soul concerning this woman with the alabaster box.  The woman with a ministry hidden deep within her bosom, making her way to the one who called, appointed and anointed her.  The one who defended her.  In realizing how He had cleaned her and made her whole, she came to where He was to prepare His body for His death.  She had to be following Him to know which house to go to.  She only took a box made of alabaster with a little oil; a whole year it took to get this.  She finds Him in spite of the opposition and righteous indignation, the whispers and the stares she faced.  No doubt some man in the room had approached her on the streets and in secret as they all looked and wondered why she was there and why was she crying at His feet.  She could hear them whispering, see them turn their heads in shame as if she was not even in the house, but she was not concerned about what they thought or what they said, she was not there for them.  She was there for Him.  Simply to thank Him one more time before His death for the things He had done for her.  To kiss the precious feet that would soon be nailed to an old rugged cross.  She was there to serve Him, with her worship, her love, her tears.  No doubt when she began to think of what she had done in the former days and nights, reflecting and focusing in on her mess and His mercy, her grossness and His grace, her failures and His forgiveness.  She fell at His feet and began to cry.  She had found a place of submission, humility, and surrender; a place of worship.  A place of love. 


She thought about her failed marriages, how she even destroyed other marriages with her many adulterous affairs.  She thought about the fornication, her children born out of wedlock, the baby she had for a married man.  She thought about all the sexual addictions and lustful desires, she remembered the fantasies she played over and over in her mind, the traps she planned to seize and seduce the next man, the lesbianism, the orgies, the oral sex, the masturbating, the seductions and the misery, the thefts, the  embezzlements, the lies, the miscarriages, the sexual relations with her cousins, her dead babies, her dead grand babies.  The lonely nights, all the tears she shed after finding out he lied she reflected on all the places she had searched for love only to find lust, and to find herself cast outside of the door of Ammnon once again.  Then she saw Him and she broke inside.  Her heart, her spirit was broken and only He could bring healing.  She flinched for a moment when she remembered private dancing  for pay and the selling of her body, just to feed her babies.  None of her friends understood why she had to go to this house or even follow yet another Man.  But she was called to this place for this time.  All friends abandoned her and some outright rejected her and turned the other way, after all, she was a lady of the night.  She had been rejected, neglected, misunderstood, talked about, lied to, lied on and raped by her own husband.  She often got involved with an abusive man, yet still she fought back, but still she had been so used and abused she was just tired.  She had been called names that cut to the core, names that she wore so well for years, names that came from within the house and without, she had nothing else to lose, she had lost all and anything was worth gaining. 


One word from this man, changed her whole life.  He came at a time when she needed Him the most and now He needs her, you, me, anyone willing to Worship.  He needed to see that if ANYONE that followed, cared and would be grateful for what He had done and what He is about to do, the greatest act of Love known to mankindóto die on the cross.  Upon arrival to this house no one offered her a drink, a piece of bread, a seat or a salutation, it really did not matter, she was on a mission.  She struggled to get past her fears, their intimidation, indignation and their stares.  She had to press through religion, rhetoric attitudes and righteous anger.  Although the house was full she was alone and at one with Him.  She was determined and on a mission, nothing and no one would stop, deter, hinder or delay her.  She would not be denied.  For years she thought very little of herself, having no self esteem, no self respect. She really didnít even like herself.  They thought she was nothing and so did she.  But today she broke up the meeting and her worship changed the agenda for the evening.  She broke protocol, religion and tradition when she rested at the feet of Jesus, the Master, the Healer, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Comforter, with her broken, battered, bruised, tattered and torn, weak and defenseless heart, barely beating, barely alive, yet she cries out for help, for love, for healing, for deliverance, for validation, for hope.  Her spirit is broken, her mind going through a transformation.  She is discombobulated.  She emerged from weeping to worship, she had slipped beyond the veil.  He saved and healed her.  He definitely had a different touch than all the others.  She had done so much wrongdoing in her short life that words would not form.  Her tears spoke for her, every tear had a different story, a scar, a wound, He spoke for her.  She worshiped Him the way in which He forgave her, wholeheartedly, completely and unconditionally. 


It was her worship that made Him speak for her.  All she ever really wanted was genuine love and here love looks toward Calvary.  She allowed other men to put her in shock, being victimized, traumatized, paralyzed!  She had a horrid, dark, painful past, she was a sinner.  She lost her sensitivity, her ability to love or be loved, she lost the gentleness and meekness of her spirit, because for this girl it was always fight or die, running was not an option, she lost her ability to feel, she felt unappreciated and trashed, unwanted, not needed, unloved and abandoned by the morning light.  She was Leah, Hagar, Penninah, always the other woman.  She had an emotional shutdown and lost her identity.   She was trapped inside her own prison and could not move.  She had been cornered by what they thought of her: useless, lifeless, hopeless.  She was a quadriplegic!  It was not until she realized that it was what she thought of herself that she found purpose, potential and power.  She cried out to God in the midst of her mess, while still naked, hurt and wounded, cast aside by yet another lover, and He heard her.  She was tired of picking herself up off the floor in a bed of tears trying to wash him off of her, because he had to get back to his wife or his girlfriend.  She was tired of crying through the night and waking up, only to put on a fake smile, go to work, come home and start the cycle all over again.  She had no one who would listen, no one that cared about her, friends slowly walked away, many without a word, a note or a goodbye, others left because of the  gossip or what they thought they had heard.  But He came, HE came, He came and said I have a plan for you, a hope and a future, and I will not harm you. He wanted her to trust Him and follow Him, as she sit in a stupor of unbelief saying, who me?  Do you not know, she asks Him? Everyone that I trusted has betrayed me and fled.  Didn't you know? I am in the fight of my life? I feel as if I'm about to lose my mind?  Don't you know she asks?  It was me following the man before you got here, that got me sitting here half out of my mind.  Me?  Follow you?  I have sold my body for pennies, destroyed what you call the temple where dwells God with sex, oral sex, masturbation sex, homosexual sex....unprotected sex, alcohol and controlled narcotics?!?  Don't you know? Cause when all them other oneís heard of my secrets from my past they fled like lightening.  The church had boxed me in, telling me what to do and not to do, family was telling me to use the five common senses that God gave me, and friends jumped ship. 


But He came to her.... with compassion, love, joy, mercy, grace, forgiveness He reached out to her and in her desperation she looked into His eyes and saw what she could be.  He had been there for her all the time waiting patiently in line.  For the first time, she had someone that finally, truly, unconditionally loved her.  Out of her messed up life, He performed a miracle.  He didn't condemn her, scorn her, or stone her, He simply healed her.  She has found, at last, the One who love her without any limits or conditions, without pretense or prejudice, He loves her.  He has chosen her, He has given her Favor and now she has the honor of preparing His body for His return.  She is again coming before His body crying out, pressing still past opposition and indignation, religion and rhetoricís.  She has broken her alabaster box  and is pouring the Oil of God out as she humbly submits to Him, she has come, broke and gave all she had to give, just to give back to Him what He is worthy of:  she is Veronica Pinki Moore, the woman behind the Alabaster Box.



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What we believe


^We believe that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God begotten of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary.

^We believe the Bible to be in infallible Word of God and that holy men were inspired by the Holy Ghost and wrote    as they were moved by the Holy Spirit of God.

^We believe that the Bible is the one and only true guide for the Christian walk of faith in Christ Jesus.

^We believe that there is only one way to receive eternal life in Christ Jesus and that is through the blood of Jesus that was shed on Calvary's cross for the remission of our sins.

^We believe we ar sanctified through the blood of Jesus Christ and not by works or outward adorning.

^We believe in a life of holiness emanated from a pure heart and the desire to be a manifested son of God in theis earth, separating ourselves from the world.

^We believe in water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Ghost and all the gifts of the Spirit available to believers today.

^We believe that the Lord Jesus will return for a church without spot or blemish.

^We believe every believer is covered in Jesus' Christ's blood for redemption, who has confessed him as Lord to be one in the body of Christ regardless of denomination or creed.

^We believe the work of the church to be to "evangelize the world" through the preaching and teaching of the gospel with signs following the preaching of the gospel in the lives of every believer.

In the depths of despair

This is so emotional and touching to me just sitting here thinking about the events that took place that night and wanting to share with you, that He began to give me even more revelation and ministered to me tonight, I pray this blesses you as well.
Sitting at work the other day thinking about all the loved ones  that had passed this life into eternal life, my son who is in TDC, the ungrateful, rude, and obnoxious people that I was assigned to work with that night, I was wondering how much more could I take.  Thinking about the folks who had lied on me, stabbed me in the back, walked off and left me holding the bag and the bill.... I was having some issues with myself, it doesn't pay to spend too much time alone, you will think yourself into a pit of despair so deep that only God can bring you out of it.  I began to look back over the years how he had rescued me from the hand of the enemy, sheltered me in the storm, and kept me when I went to war in Iraq.  I thought about how in the midst of it all, He kept my mind, when the enemy would just have desired to sift me like wheat.  I wanted about 20 seconds to tell some people OFF, have you ever felt like that lately, you just wanted to go left for half a minute, and come back under grace, back under the blood?
Would the message be strong enough in such a short amount of time to tell somebody something?  Something powerful enough that says "don't mess with me".  I wasn't in the mood, or the spirit to pray for my enemies, I was ready for battle!  I had grown tired of the games of manipulation, intimidation, rejection.... Ecclesiastes 3:7-8 says it well: a time to keep silent, a time to speak, a time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace.... you understand, I know you do, if you don't, pray for me.  All I wanted to know is why the hatred, betrayal, backstabbing, using, lies, misunderstandings from the saints!  How, GOD, do you handle being wounded within the house?  
 He spoke so gently to me, child, they done it to me, they are going to do it to you.  I took on flesh and died for their sins yet they denied me, I bore their sorrow and grief, yet they left me smitten and bruised.  I was wounded for their transgression and took on the iniquity of them all.  I even came to my own, my chosen, my jewels, my precious people, my creation and they received me not.    They could not see the pain in my face that I allow you to now feel in your spirit, what I endured and continue to endure.  Emotional pain, pain of rejection, pain of what I know awaits those who continue to hang me on calvary.  All I wanted them to see was the trap being set by their adversary the devil, the tears in my heart, the scars in my hands, feet, side and head.  And they still don't receive me, after all I've done.  I stretched my hands out to them and they nailed me to a cross, those same hands, those same wounded bleeding hands I stretch out longing to touch, to hold, to heal, if only my people would let me in.